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BULMINWEX – GB LTD. is the first company in Bulgaria for bottling of mineral water from GORNA BANIA Spring, Well No 3 bearing the commercial name of "GORNA BANIA 1".

The company was incorporated in 1958 and it is property of the Central Cooperative Union.

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Quality Certifications

See our certificates for quality, management and safety.

  • Bottling line of mineral water "Gorna Bania 1"

    In 2013 he opened a new production facility including three new production lines offered by the company currently nomenclatures market and a common palletizing robot to automate the final stage of the production process. The lines are:
    1. Production and bottling bottles of 5 liters to 12 liters.
    2. Bottling of 19 liters PET bottles
    3. Production and bottling bottles for natural and sparkling water with a capacity of 0.1 liters to 3 liters.
    4. Robot palletizer for bottles of 0.1 liters to 19 liters.
    The new production lines producing consistent with the experience and practice of leading
    European and global brands in the industry.

  • COOPERATIVE TEA "There is a herb for every pain"

    According to research, tea is the most consumed drink in the world after the water. In line with this trend, from 2018 Bulminvex - GB has expanded its business and added to its portfolio a new range of products, namely a wide assortment of tea.

    The plant has high-tech equipment for tea packaging.

    It is important to know that collecting and preserving herbs in a way that makes them fit for use is of utmost importance. Each plant has its picking period, and various parts of it contain a different amount of active ingredients. Herbs for co-operative tea are purchased only from environmentally friendly areas, by competent specialists and controlled in modernly equipped laboratories.

    Nowadays nearly a billion and a half glasses of tea are drunk, as many people have come to the right conclusion that the drink that so quickly has conquered the world definitely deserves great attention.

    The history of cooperative tea begins with the fascinating memories of our ancestors. A group of co-operatives, who enjoyed their knowledge of herbs and their skills to combine them to create healing teas, began to pack small quantities and sell them. Because of the unique properties of the Bulgarian herbs and their right combination, their business flourished ... ... Thus, in 1949, the cooperative Herbalcoop was established for the production and packaging of high-quality teas.

    Over the years, the BILKOPOOP brand has gained a large market share in the country, as the main business partners of the company are the big retail chains Fantastico, Kaufland, BILLA and many others.

    The goals of Bulminvex - GB Ltd. are to continue to develop and enrich the range of drinks offered so that it can enter the home of every connoisseur of good taste.

  • Where is bottled the mineral water

    Natural mineral water "Gorna Bania" bottled water source in the area of drilling №3, as is brought to the plant by direct pipeline connection.
    Natural mineral water "Gorna Bania" is bottled in premises complying with the requirements of Regulation №5 from 25.05.2006, the Ministry of Health and MAF and technological equipment that complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.
    At the company has a system for quality control, compliance with good manufacturing practice and implemented an integrated system by ISO 9001: 2008 and FSSC 22000: 2010