Qualities of mineral water

The mineral water from well № 3, established in 1958 in Gorna Bania, is bottled by "BULMINWEKS - GB" EOOD Based on research, Gorna Bania mineral water is characterised with limited content of minerals, stable physical and chemical composition and properties, clean of chemical and anthropogenic pollution.

According to its type  the water  is hydrocarbonate-sodium sulphate. The results of the continuous analyses show stability of the mineral water and lack of influence by the external environment on its composition. Analyses of post-quarantine bottled mineral water also show stability of the physical and chemical parameters for a period of at least two years.

Treatment and prophylaxis qualities

The treatment and prophylaxis qualities of the mineral water are defined by the complex effect of its healing factors - the existing chemical components and the specific effect of its contents (hydrocarbonate and sulphate ions and metasilicic acid) and its hypo-toning.

Use for drinking and spa balneotherapy and balneoprevention has a favourable effect on the following diseases: kidney- urological (kidney stones, chronic pyelonephritis, post lithotripsy, post surgery conditions, etc.), gall and liver diseases (gall stone disease, chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis, cholangiohepatitis, chronic hepatitis, gall path dyskinesias, post surgery conditions, etc.), diseases of the digestive-intestinal system (chronic gastritis, gastroduodenitis, ulcer, enterocolitis, post surgery conditions, etc.), metabolite and endocrine diseases (gout, diabetes), chronic occupational intoxications and exposures to harmful substances (lead, radionuclides, toxic substances in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

In drinking balneo-treatment and balneo-prophylaxis it is also necessary to comply with strictly defined methods and dosages (amount of the water consumed, temperature and way of drinking, duration of treatment).

When used for external spa and balneo-prophilaxis mineral water has a favourable effect on disorders of the skeletal system (chronic degenerative and inflammatory (in remission) joint diseases, arthrose arthritis, coxarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.), internal organ conditions (of the gastrointestinal tract: chronic gastritis and colitis, chronic  cholecystitis and hepatitis, etc.), of the urinary system: chronic pyelonephritis with or without calculi, cystitis, urethritis, etc.).