About us

The mineral water from Gorna Banya has been known since ancient times. Thermal and springs were used for drinking and healing. Water has been extremely well received by the population of Sofia and the country. In 1958 the Central Cooperative Union established the first bottling company BULMINVEX - GORNA BANYa Ltd. from the GORNA BANYA well - borehole No. 3 with the trade name GORNY BANYA 1. The physicochemical characteristics, the low mineralization, the drinking and the qualities and the impeccable cleanliness, presented in a comfortable modern packaging make our water preferred by the end user.
The quality guarantee is the “1- First Bottling” sign and the COOP mark.

Upper Bath 1 water for the spring:
Gorna Banya 1 mineral water was extracted and bottled by Drilling № 3 Gorna Banya mineral water deposit. It is 426 m deep.
From the researches done, the Upper Balkan natural mineral water is characterized as water with limited content of minerals (hydrocarbonate, sulphate sodium and silicon alkaline water), stable physico-chemical characteristics and microbiologically pure. Water has high pH values of 9.79 - 10.10.

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