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Gorna Bania Mineral Water

Basic physical and chemical parameters


Conductivity – 16.9 microsiemens/cm

Known for centuries, the mineral water from the wells in Gorna Bania was tested for the first time by A. Tegarten at the end of the 19th century. Due to its huge popularity, healing properties and its use in the water industry, Gorna Bania mineral water is one of the most extensively, frequently and in-depth studied waters in the country.

It is one of the waters in Bulgaria with fewest diluted mineral substances; it is homothermal at the well. The temperature of the borehole water source is 38 degrees. According to the physicochemical analysis performed, the mineral water has a total mineralization of 0.143 g/l and is characterized as water with limited content of mineral substances or as low-mineralized water. The water is clear, colourless, odourless, with pleasant taste. Sodium ions are the prevailing alkaline ions, and the content of potassium ions is limited.

Low concentrations of calcium ions and traces of magnesium ions have been found among the alkaline earth ions. Negligible traces of iron and manganese have been established. No nitrates, nitrites and ammonium have been found in the inorganic nitrogen-containing compounds, i.e. the water has high grade of sanitary-chemical purity.

Hydro carbonates, carbonates and sulphates are the prevailing anions that define the characteristic type of the water but there are also chlorides and negligible quantities of fluoride. The water has high pH value: 9.79 – 10.10.

The low oxidation-reduction potential, the lack of oxygen and presence of sulphide traces show that the water is formed in highly reductive environment. The negligible permanganate oxidation (within the error of determination) shows that the reductive environment is due to geogenic and not to anthropogenic origin. No presence of carbon dioxide, iodide and bromide has been established.

The content of micro components is unknown, the toxic and physiological effect is far below the admissible standards: the Bulgarian standards, the standards of the European Union and the standard regulations of Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, etc.

The quantity of organic carbon is negligible – 0.3 mg/l. The water does not contain any highly volatile, chlorinated hydrocarbons. This proves the high purity of Gorna Bania mineral water.

During the numerous tests, its basic parameters have remained within the limits of the admissible deviation in the above-quoted regulations – not more than 20%. The water has prolonged water exchange cycle. Tests were performed on the basic physical and chemical parameters throughout the four seasons within one year in relation to the assessment of the impact of rainfall, temperature and climate characteristics on the physical and chemical parameters of Gorna Bania mineral water. All these tests showed stability of the individual parameters.

On the basis of the tests, Gorna Bania mineral water is characterized as water with limited content of minerals, with stable physical and chemical composition and properties, clean of sanitary-chemical and anthropogenic impurities. The results from the analyses have shown stability of the mineral water and lack of any influence of the environment on its composition. Tests on bottled mineral water after storage have also shown stability of its basic physical and chemical parameters for at least one year.

The quantity of metasilicic acid is within the limits of balneologically significant standards adopted by our balneotherapeutic school. Due to this fact, the water is also marked as silicic.

The mineral water is immaculate in terms of its microbiology. No sanitary-indicative, pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms have been isolated in the water at the water source. The mineral water retains its high purity after technologically correct bottling.

Gorna Bania mineral water has been bottled for more than 50 years, and the studies of its physical and chemical parameters and properties, stability and microbiological purity have been carried out in various directions:

  • Water change when heated. Since a number of herbal decoctions are prepared using this mineral water, it has been essential to check whether the water changes under the conditions for preparation of decoctions. The tests found that in boiling from 3 to 5 minutes, no practical change was observed in the basic physical and chemical composition of the water and of its properties;
  • Analysis of magnetized mineral water. We have established a tendency towards increased dissolving ability of the mineral water with retained basic physical and chemical composition.
  • Comparative assessment of the mineral water stored in plastic PET and glass bottles for a period of 11 months. Data from the tests have shown stability in the quantity of its basic parameters;
  • Analysis of the mineral water in large capacity plastic tubes (19 l). In relation to domestic consumption and use of these packages, we have performed studies that included opening the tubes every day to monitor the basic water parameters. We established that the water retained its purity;

Evaluation of Gorna Bania mineral water

  • It complies with the requirements of Bulgarian State Standard (BDS) 14947-80 Natural Mineral Potable Waters, Ordinance No 14/87 of the Ministry of Health, supplemented in 1995 and the Ordinance on the requirements for bottled natural, mineral, spring, table waters intended for drinking purposes.
  • According to the requirements of the EU and Germany, Gorna Bania mineral water can be marked as mineral due to many years of extensive medical studies and evidence of the therapeutic and prophylactic effect of its use. It also complies with the requirements to spring water according to the standards for mineral, table and spring water in Germany.

The huge factual material accumulated is a certain proof for the therapeutic, prophylactic and healing properties of Gorna Bania mineral water and for the excellence of its effect compared to that of tap water. This is splendid water – palatable, smooth, with exceptionally high natural purity, soft water that keeps its quality and parameters for at least two years when properly bottled technologically, with low concentrations of diluted minerals and presence of balneologically significant quantities of metasilicic acid.

Therapy and prophylaxis indications

Besides being table water, the mineral water is indicated, according to a scheme, for:

  • Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases (gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, periduodenitis, etc., characterized by increased acidity); liver and biliary diseases; renal and urologic diseases and first of all kidney stone disease, including in patients with one kidney for maintaining low relative urine weight that prevents the formation of concrements;
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of gout, lead, manganese and other intoxications;
  • Inhalations in allergic diseases – as monotherapy or with herbal decoctions prepared with it.